Uncommon Goods – Larry & the Lightbox

suz and the sun home, uncommon goods, cinema lightbox, good day sunshine

A happy September to you all!

A clean home is a happy home, but a mish mash of dog fuzz and travel trinkets make up the majority of our home decor. 

Sometimes I like to look at our shelves through the eyes of other people and wonder what they think of us…better not to dwell on those thoughts!
It was much to my excitement when the folks over at UncommonGoods in Brooklyn let me know they think what we’ve got going on is pretty eclectic. SO –  imagine just how high my energy was when they asked me to check out some products from their home decor offerings. 
*Cue screams of glee*
UncommonGoods for me is one of those companies whose products I pin on any and every inspo board without hesitation. They are everything. And they have a commitment to meet certain standards regarding environmental impacts to boot; the sustainability side of me turns all heart-eyes emoji knowing this. 
Along with being everything, they also have everything. Honestly, just click and don’t look back. Don’t say I didn’t warn you when your wallet is empty (but your apartment full and full). Sorry and you’re welcome in advance. 
Obviously though, knowing what you now know about us, we tried to combine a little practicality with a lot of fun. And extra Hobson attention…
So. Onto it. 
suz and the sun home, uncommon goods, cinema lightbox, french bulldog, good day sunshine
Puppy not available online (he’s allllllll mine!)- click here for even more. 
I have wanted one of these forEVER and was so so so excited to pull this cinema-style lightbox out and play with it. We’re constantly looking for more lighting options in our living room, especially as these Belgian nights start to get darker. My goal is to try and go for a lyric-themed lightbox, and I’m going to keep this Beatles track running as long as possible – unless it’s PJ’s turn, he’s awful at lyrics (at least I know he’s human and has flaws, right?). 

We’ve seriously had so much fun that he’s become just as obsessed with perusing all of the other pieces that our place needs,
And as you can tell, Hobson may be a little dog, but he’s a big fan of getting his photo taken.
Speaking of little dogs…
In an effort to clean up our space, we’ve gotten rid of so much…stuff recently. Including our old doormat. But the world is dirty and that ish is necessary, especially after our late night walks with the tiny fuzz seen above. I knew, I just knew, that as soon as I saw Larry that we had to have him. Include the fact that we call Hobson ‘Little Llama” and how they’re tail twins, and I was done for. 
suz and the sun home, uncommongoods, Larry the Llama doormat
You can find Larry here, or find some softer, more skin-friendly pieces here.
suz and the sun home, uncommongoods, Larry the Llama doormat, Hobson, French bulldog home
I mean. And these are the faces that that I say goodbye to every morning and that greet me when I get home at night. 

I’m so, so pleased with these two pieces. As fun as they are, they’re also really functional – though I did have to emphasize the light in lightbox when explaining to PJ why it needed to be in our place as soon as possible. 

Obviously, I was right. And our apartment thanks me every evening.

You’re welcome!


(This post is sponsored by UncommonGoods but all opinions expressed are my own.)