Top 25 since ’90 #25andalive

Well, I’ve finally made it to 25. With all the things I’ve done over the years, it definitely makes sense that I am this old, but I certainly don’t feel it (except I’m definitely starting to feel those stress wrinkles, come at me Master’s thesis!)
So to welcome my quarter-life crisis and then end of my education/start of being a real-life adult: a list of 25 things I’ve done and what I’d like to continue to do.
1) Returned to the land of my birth three times since leaving in ’97.
2) Went back one of those times for an awesome internship.
Table Mountain, Paarden Eiland

3) Met the world’s greatest man there 🙂
4) Got into one of the best universities in Sweden for my Master’s Degree.
5) Made a ton of new friends and figured out the woman I want to be.
6) Interned and lived in London for a summer (horrible landlord included!).
7) Made a short term plan for my future; you’re welcome mom and dad.
8) Learned how to navigate traffic on a bike.
9) Adopted the funniest cat ever.

cats dont let you do work
10) Discovered a love of coffee and hazelnuts. And when the two come together…
11) Discovered yoga and pilates.
12) Finally went snowboarding in the alps!
13) Discovered a love of fresh flowers.
roses, spring bloom
14) Learned to bake (especially peanut butter cookies).
15) Accepted some things that I’d chosen to overlook in the past, with help from my friends and family
16) Went on a trip through Iceland with my big brother.
17) Went to the Nobel Nightcap in Stockholm with my family (and finally used a sock bun)!
18) Learned the basics of contouring…Thanks Kim K.
19) Became an ace at putting together furniture (Swedish blood for the win!
20) Developed a life long love of French Bulldogs and they’re adorable faces and ears!

And five things to do in the in the future
21) Write more! I’ve missed this in the stress that comes with traveling and schooling and working out and attempting to figure out my life.
22) Travel East: I want to go to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand…and Fiji (why not, right?)
Dress well travel often

23) Get a great job that helps me develop as a person and where I can make new friends!
24) Learn to cook even more dishes. You can’t always eat desserts for every meal…
25) Love more; whether its animals or people or places or things. I want to do it all with a light heart and positive vibes.
Snowboarding Val Thorens