Suz & the Swedish Road trip // Sweden x Canadians

So I know this is a little late, but I’ve been busy!

What started as a simple road trip ended as one of the most awesome adventures of my life. I’m so happy I accepted my fate and spent five days driving around southern Sweden with, ugh, Canadians

Best. Plan. Ever. 
We made our way down the coast to Falsterbo and Skanör where my grandparents live, then on to Trelleborg and Ystad, where we stayed the night after seeing Ales Stenar. Onward and upward to Kristianstad and then a full drive across the country for some tours with a few friends in Gothenburg.
The Ystad beach.

The beach in Falsterbo. The chair had writing on it that said “Sit and enjoy the moment. Just leave the chair when you’re done.”
Jumping for joy at Kullaberg Nature Reserve. Look at that sky. Look at those jumps!
This cinnamon bun was actually larger than my entire face.
We decided to climb a tree on our way to Nimis. 
The beach in Falsterbo. 
At the church in Dalby.
Thanks for the memories, Skåne. I now love Canadians and this country even more!

Any other favourite places in Sweden? Let me know!