Suz & the Study Essentials

Monday was my final meeting with my thesis advisor, and I can happily say that I am RELIEVED by what he had to say about my work. That being said, this is my final week in the library before I turn in this bad boy for printing and enjoy my last few days in Lund.
But I was thinking this morning about the absolute essentials that I’ve used while writing and studying and how to keep myself motivated, even when the last thing I want to do is re-read section 4.2 and analyse this data for the 37th time.
But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do (to get her degree).
1) Dress to de-stress
Damned if I don’t feel good whenever I’m dressed up in the library. Studying always feels better when I’m comfy but looking cool (or at least I think I do). Luckily, the Swedes have the same idea here and like Lo once said, every day is a fashion show. I’m not the type to wear stilettos in the stacks, but I do love to sparkle a bit when that blue light from my computer screens hit me and while I watch my fingers type away words I’m not sure I even understand after 6 hours of staring at my laptop.
2) Eyedrops and sunnies
I like to have both of these for a little contrast. I have to use eye drops because my doctor told me I spend way too much time without blinking while looking at my screen – I asked quite hopefully if that meant I wasn’t allowed to do work on my computer and would have to do everything by hand or get a service-dog that can type – how cool would that be. Unfortunately, she said the eye drops would do. But it also makes it look like I’m crying so I can trick other students into thinking I’m way more stressed than I am. Solidarity, you feel me?
Sunglasses, on the other hand, make it look like my work isn’t kicking my butt and causing me sleepless nights, and they also help me to trick myself into thinking that my 20 minute breaks are actually me relaxing with my friends who are in Mykonos right now. Then they hide my real tears of frustration which I can blame on my eye drops.
3) Something sweet
This is my trick. But pretty much everyone does it, so I guess it’s a secret no longer. I like to have something nearby to keep my energy (and spirits) high. For me and my friends, it’s that delightful mixture of Diet Coke and chocolate. Sometimes it’s lemon water. Often it’s everything that I like, and then some. But trust me, it works. My frustration is cooled when mama gets her sugar.
4) Friends
ystad beach, roadtrip in sweden

As I said, my friends have been in Greece recently. HOWEVER, their Snapchats of their good times have made me feel so good when they share their lives with me. The messages of encouragement from my girls back in Richmond and the cat pictures my boyfriend sends me are definitely enough to keep me going, even when the last thing I want to be doing is sitting in front of my screen.
Luckily, I’ve gotten into a pretty good routine for finishing my work. And even when I get into those moments of frustration (which, nearing the end of writing 53 pages, happens a lot), I know what to do to help me through.
Unfortunately, it took me almost 18 years of school to figure it out, but hey; I DID IT!
For those of you that are finishing up your semester: Good luck! For those that are done: Congrats!

I know I’m going to enjoy my last few days here in the sun!