Snail Mail

A few weeks ago, I found the CUTEST snail mail set in Hema , and went back this past weekend to see if I could find more to send to my friends all over the world. I may have also picked up some sticker and decoration packets along with some more stationary…I have a problem. 
And, you know, there’s something about opening your mailbox and pulling out a letter that doesn’t tell you how much money you now owe that is so exhilarating. I started writing postcards and letters to my friends last year in Sweden when I was a bit down in the dumps, and have tried to keep up the tradition since I moved to Belgium. 
So I sent one of these adorable cards to my papa for his birthday/fathers day, along with the included stickers and tags that you can tie onto the car, and he just adored it (daughter of the year award, heyo!). Considering the almost infinitesimal price, my bank account isn’t angry with me, and I hope my loved ones will be quite happily surprised!
We’re heading off to Germany tomorrow to go to Melt! Festival and then spend four days in Berlin, so PJ’s mama packed us with a few surprises to make sure we don’t reek of sweaty festival campers and don’t look like lobsters crawling through Germany. 
To Ferropolis we go! My excitement over seeing Kylie Minogue is beating my anxiety about sleeping among the spiders…
Till next time, auf Wiedersehen!