Rock the Red Carpet x Farfetch

You know those days when you wanna look damn good and make sure every single person knows it?
Right, so, basically every day. 
I got a fun challenge to create a look for and inspired by awards season to rock the red carpet using just items on the Farfetch website, which, c’mon – let’s be real: how could you not want to look at beautiful clothes all day, every day. 
It’s been so damn cold here recently that I’ve actually started dreaming about Spring, so I used the sun (the one on my wrist and that massive ball of gas in the sky) as inspiration for this, hoping and wishing for the first day that it’s nice enough to not wear wool. 
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Okay. Obviously. The dress. Wow. If I could only wear one colour for the rest of my life it would 100% be this. It reminds me of  Lupita Nyong’o’s blue Prada dress from the 2014 Oscars which I think women across the world collectively fell in love with, along with her. And it reminds her of Nairobi. Could she be more perfect? Could this dress?
And can you tell I have a thing for eyes? Not that they have to be blue, but I do enjoy this ring and phone case combo with the different shades (The Blonde Salad is like the epitome of #girlboss and I can’t get enough of her shoes/accessories with the winking eyes). 
I decided to go with some white accessories and the playful colourful stones in these Aquazzura shoes. I know, I know, the red carpet is the time to go all out with stilettos, but here I am trying to be considerate of my poor muscles (since all of my daydreams of this obviously have me wearing it, and my bum hip and knee don’t really agree with 4″ heels but love a good block sandal/boot/anything). 
But I adore the sort of innocence of the outfit paired with a small diamond pseudo-choker and the complete badassery of that shark tooth necklace next to the. Good lord, want it, need it, gotta have it. It reminds me of Cape Town and Gansbaai and those absolutely massive animals in the ocean. Lupita has her dress to remind her of home, and my necklace does the same. 
Fate? Some might say yes. 
Fine, it’s probably just me that says yes, but work with me here…
Fitting that I’m doing this on Valentines day and my outfit is the complete opposite of this – black on black on black on block heeled booties, but I keep showing this to PJ in the hopes that he’s imagining me in it. 
Hope your day is filled with lots of love (and beautiful everything)!