Paperless Post and PJ’s Graduation

Let’s clear things up first: I loooooove snail mail. But I’m also extraordinarily bad at 1) buying international stamps 2) going to the post office and, most importantly 3) writing. I have the handwriting of a 7-year-old. It’s so chicken-scratchy that my manager once gasped with a slight chuckle the first time she saw my handwriting in person. I also tend to feel pretty guilty when I consider the environmental costs of sending a tiny piece of cardboard across the ocean to my friends.

So, needless to say, I was thrilled when Paperless Post reached out to me to try their service. Though I’ve dabbled with Paperless Post before, I had only ever used the free option for flyers and received a few Save the Dates from friends. But, spoiler alert, I can fully see myself using it for any invites I might need to send out when the time is right. Reducing my carbon footprint and sending beautiful mail is a combination I can easily get behind.

Paperless post did provide gifted credits to me, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

The stationary lover in me was thrilled. So. Many. OPTIONS to choose from, and zero necessary reasons to leave the comfort of my living room (or my dog) and head into the January cold to send out cards for the new year. We just for our second snow of the season so I’m especially feeling this way today.

It also happened to be the time when we were preparing for PJ’s graduation ceremony from KCL, and while he’s actually the person I’m most likely to buy a real, paper card for, he’s the least likely to keep them on display for more than two days.

Luckily we have plenty of digital memories to keep – his graduation was great.

 Dress // ASOS
Shoes // ASOS
So – on I went to Paperless Post. The process is easy, but I’m pretty indecisive so this was a very nice, soft lesson in making choices.
First, you choose exactly what type of mail you want to send out – they have flyers, save the dates, greeting cards, invitations – anything you could want, for any reason. I chose to go for the obvious (this time) and scoured the graduation greeting card options before ultimately settling on one from the congratulations section.

We received tickets to The Lion King in the West End for Christmas during this little London excursion, so I was more than excited to find this appropriately themed card. Then came the backdrop, envelope liner, and response card options – you’ll forgive me for now showing off my personal message to my favourite graduate. Some sentimental secrets need to be kept!

Of course, I wanted to send it immediately so I could see his reaction to my handiwork but thought he may like the surprise of receiving it as he prepares to cross the stage even more than I’d like to see him get it, so I was extremely happy to discover the scheduling feature. A girlfriend’s gotta do what she’s gotta do sometimes, you know? And I was right – he adored it and I was so happy to get to congratulate him in multiple ways throughout the day!
KCL Graduation 2019, london january 2019, suz and the sun travels, suz and the sun style, Millennium bridge
KCL Graduation 2019, london january 2019, suz and the sun travels, suz and the sun style, Millennium bridge, graduate
KCL Graduation 2019, london january 2019, suz and the sun travels, suz and the sun style, london eye, southbank centre, royal festival hall, graduate
Now to make a list of all the birthdays coming up in the next few months so I can brighten up the inboxes of all my friends.