Loves of the Last Week // Birthday Edition

Okay, I know this version is a day late, but that’s because I turned 29 this weekend (and consequently had a lot of naps to recover my strength over the last few days…)! It’s been a bit of a whirlwind… View Post

Loves of the Last Week // 03.03.19

It’s been another crazy week, but luckily out Dry February (or Tournée Minérale as they like to call it here) is over and I was finally able to have a nice glass of wine on Friday night after a great night… View Post

Loves of the Last Week // 24.02.19

Oh man, this week has been tough. We’re finally in our last week of Dry February and I seriously could have used a glass of wine on Tuesday and Thursday of this week. Hell doesn’t even begin to describe it!… View Post

Loves of the Last Week // 17.2.19

Oh man – what a week! Valentine’s day dinner was delish, I got some great news on Friday (see my last love), I officially joined my floorball team, and spring is finally here (though while I love the warmth, it’s… View Post

Loves of the Last Week // 10.2.19

Another week in the early part of the year, another week of early bedtimes and restless nights. Let’s just say that this week my list of loves is a bit shorter than the last. I signed up for the #5SmartReads newsletter by… View Post