New on the Wishlist // April 2020

Ah, quarantine, what a time to be alive – and to browse the April New In sections of all my favs. Even if I’m not really shopping at the moment – and I still have my March wishlist to go… View Post

Loves of the Last Week // Lockdown Week 5

This edition of Loves of the Last Week comes to you from the brain of someone who’s currently on week 5 of quarantine in Paris – and we’ve still got just over 3 weeks left to go! This time hasn’t… View Post

Top 5 Online Workout Videos // Getting Quarantoned

It’s been just under a month since our lockdown in Paris started, and my life has basically been taken over by online workout videos. Since I don’t have my twice-weekly floorball practices OR access to the gym (that I can literally see from my living room window), I picked up my pre-Paris regime of following some online fitness gurus. AND today, inspired by the queen Lindsay Silberman, I’m sharing my favs that can help us all get quarantoned. … View Post

Post Lockdown Wishlist // March 2020

I know it’s a little ridiculous to be dreaming of…stuff during this Paris Lockdown when so many are going through so much, but looking at products brings me joy and gets me through the day, and I’m just trying to live my life with a little bit of light in it these days.… View Post

A Weekend Away // The Loire Valley

This weekend, we whisked ourselves away on a pup-free weekend in the Loire Valley, bouncing around from château to château with 1 or 5 glasses of wine in-between. And, honestly, I gasped out loud at how amazing some of these places are.… View Post