Suz in Rotterdam // Photo Diary

Normally I’m really good at guessing games. Give me one decent hint and I can pretty much do the rest (unless it’s estimating jelly beans). But I was finally one-upped this past weekend when PJ got the better of my… View Post

The sun will come out (eventually)

Tomorrow marks the official first day of Spring, but up here in Northern Europe, it seems like it’s taking a little bit longer for the sun to break from behind the clouds.  Until then, some inspiration for when the flowers… View Post

Top 25 since ’90 #25andalive

Well, I’ve finally made it to 25. With all the things I’ve done over the years, it definitely makes sense that I am this old, but I certainly don’t feel it (except I’m definitely starting to feel those stress wrinkles,… View Post

Dior Jardin

I would never classify myself as a traveler. You know the type: big packpack, travels light, and can go for a week without washing and look fantastic? Though I do fancy myself a bit of a suitcase lifestyle lover, and… View Post

New beginnings

I know it’s way past the beginning of the new year, but there’s no better time than the present, amiright?  The fall became a sort of personal war battled in the valley below the Highlands in Scotland between my mind,… View Post