Berlin Neighbourhood Guide // Friedrichshain

So, maybe you knew that we went to Berlin. I’m so happy to give you a little pictorial guide of the area we stayed in Berlin: Friedrichshain! We’ve been there before, so instead of doing the hotspots, we did a… View Post

Berlin Day 1

This past week after Melt! Festival, PJ, Louis and I traveled to Berlin to check out their favourite hotspots and have a bit of a hangout before heading back to Belgium. The sun was shining basically the entire time we… View Post

Mood Music Monday // Jungle Drum

You know when a song plays on the radio, and you immediately whip out your phone to Shazaam it or plead with Siri to tell you what melodious music is coming from your speakers? This past week, on our way… View Post

Snail Mail

A few weeks ago, I found the CUTEST snail mail set in Hema , and went back this past weekend to see if I could find more to send to my friends all over the world. I may have also picked… View Post

Mood Music Monday // Virginia is for Lovers

Today I had a lovely chat with another Richmonder, and not only did this little chat go pretty well, it really made me happy to talk to someone else from the city I called home for so long! Thus, one… View Post