Lovely Letters with Dear Friends

It has actually been over two months since I last wrote on here. I thought my friends were making it up when they said work exhausts you – I’d always had really fun internships that gave me a boost, even… View Post

Weekend in Paris

SO. Last weekend we went to Paris for PJ’s birthday. We’re both fortunate enough to live in a place that gets us there in 1 hour by train, and extremely lucky to not have this be our first trip to… View Post

Forever 21 // Autumn Picks

So I think we’re all pretty aware that Forever 21 has some pretty big plans for their future and is really stepping it up in terms of style geared towards…well…people my age, aka the millenials of the world. And recently, a… View Post

Clouds In My Coffee // Belgium

This first month of working has actually physically drained me. Like, to my core. I know I should be used to getting up early and working for a whole day. I mean, i DID write a 60 page thesis that… View Post

On the job

Hey, I got my new shoes on and suddenly everything’s right… Last week was AMAZING. I had some friends with me in Bruges on Monday when I got a phone call that rocked my world…I got a job! And I… View Post