Mood Music Monday // Hide Away

So I guess this song doesn’t really pertain to me since I look at my SO with googly eyes every time I see his face, but this is still catchy as hell and makes me bop in my office so… View Post

Sundaze in the park

S Mug sold out (but I love this one and this one)  // Bulldog Owl Shirt I need a vacation. And that’s saying something since we practically finished winter holidays yesterday. Which, duh, is an exaggeration, but having your whole… View Post

Mood Music Monday // Weight In Gold

There is nothing I love more right now than this song. At least when it come to music.  The lyrics, the beat, the sounds – they say it all! I have never listened to a song more in the first… View Post

POTD: Target Deco Box

OK, late to the game as usual, but I love boxes. Especially glass boxes. Especially decorative glass boxes with delightfully cute messages. How many do I have? None. How many do I need? Well…none EXCEPT THIS BEAUTY from the one… View Post

ASOS shoe sale

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 There’s a pretty damn good reason why my friends and family use the nickname Shoezi fairly often when we’re out shopping…lets be honest, these trips often end up in a section that… View Post