Mood Music Monday // Jungle Drum

Mood Music Monday, Suz & the Sun Music
You know when a song plays on the radio, and you immediately whip out your phone to Shazaam it or plead with Siri to tell you what melodious music is coming from your speakers?
This past week, on our way to squash, this little diddy came on the radio. This is some of my favourite kind of music, and I can’t even explain why. I got so riled up, it just made me want to jump on the court and dance like a maniac, which is probably the point of the song but I digress. 
Well help me if did, because I dominated at squash when just a half hour earlier I had been begging Peej not to go.
So thank you Emiliana Torrini. My squash skills salute you!

I promise to have loads of new music for you guys, but having just gotten to Berlin after a long weekend at Melt! Festival, I need to decompress and pick out my favourites!

I hope this starts your work week with an excited air. Enjoy!