Mint & Green in Mallorca

I am so exhausted, but I can’t even be mad about it because this week is both my birthday (happy St. Patty’s ;)) & we’re going to MALLORCA for a long weekend. I plan to eat my way through the island so bikini shots may be limited.
My love of green and islands definitely shows on my green wishlist. I read today that mint is going out of season, but let’s be honest, mint is not leaving my body or my mojitos (which I plan to enjoy this weekend, too).
 photo 5 green for spring_zps6sjzcqdo.png
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These ASOS mint gladiator sandals got me like whaaaaat. I am obsessed. So obsessed. Had I found these two weeks ago they would be on my feet from the time I stepped off the plane probably until September, Belgian weather be damned!
Now I just have to get through this week and a 5am train ride for my 7am plane, but then it’s sea, sand and sun for three full days with my love!