Loves of the Last Week // 07.02.21

loves of the last week February 2021

It’s been a long, cold, rainy week of hard goodbyes, lots of work, and not enough sunshine. But these loves of the last week – or rather, loves of the first week of February – show that with the hard also comes the happy!

We had a small, fun Galentines Day celebration yesterday! I brought tahini cake (made by PJ) and one my new favourite water glass in our white elephant gift exchange!

Kind of into these boots for spring, since I’m quite certain it’s gonna be cold into April.

Also would not be mad if I received this turtleneck in every colour. I’ve already worn this blue version 3 times in the last week 😳

Since I actually bought the skort from set in last week’s post, my focus has shifted from sartorial to skincare!

Speaking of, I’ve got two new additions to add to my repertoire and I absolutely cannot wait to wash my face tonight with this (my first balm!) and put on this eye cream. The joys of being in your 30s…

Week 4 of Sweat = complete! My knees are pretty angry at me but I’m really proud of myself for seeing it through! Only two more weeks left on this challenge and I’m already prepping for the next six weeks.

In the spirit of being comfortable working from home after my work outs, this pullover featuring my favourite piece in the Louvre is very high up on my list.

Though it’s only February, I’ve already started planning some potential birthday celebrations. Last year, our lockdown started at noon on my birthday – my 30th birthday. So this year, we’re trying to do something a bit special to mark the day. Hopefully, the health situation will be a bit better and we will of course follow all the rules, but we’re hoping for some outdoor time somewhere beautiful to mark the occasion. I hope it works out in our favour – mostly because that will mean more vaccinations, less hospitalisations, and a better global situation.

Fingers crossed.

What were your loves of the first week of February? We’re meant to finally have some sunshine next week but it’s going to be FREEZING.



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