Loves of the Last Month // January 2021

Loves of the last month January 2021

The year that was January 2021 is finally over, and I’m quite certain we’re all better off now that this monstrosity of a month is over. Though my loves of the last month show me that it wasn’t all bad…

Let’s be real – we all collectively fell in love with Amanda Gorman. Her book is on my birthday wishlist.

I have also been very entertained by Fate: The Winx Saga – and I’m not afraid to admit it

This mascara is absolutely worth the hype. I like to layer mine with MJ’s Velvet Noir for a little extra volume at the base.

I’m about to finish Week 3 of the Sweat Challenge! It’s my first time using the app and I’m really enjoying it. Hopefully, I don’t lose all my progress because…

I got a little care package from my parents with my fav Swedish goodies!

On the food topic, any buffalo spice lovers in Paris? PNY’s crispy chicken with the spicy option delivers the best kind of burn.

Finally tried the Real Techniques sponge – what took me so long?

My friend took me to the chicest second-hand store in all of Paris and I picked up my very first pair of Levis (I can’t believe it either).

Kelladactyl is an absolute Instagram serotonin boost and made me add this song to my secret playlist.

And Halysa and Kyle have been giving me actual wanderlust with their travels through Australia!

Started skating with a super cool crew of ladies in Paris! And though my roller hockey skates will always be my preference, I’m thinking of making these beauties my fun birthday purchase so I can skate in a little more style.

Finally got my hands on this & Other Stories blazer (for 50% off in stores!) and I am truly obsessed! Do I need this version for spring? Only time will tell.

Speaking of blazers, should I invest in this absolutely insane Zara set? Survey says yes…

I didn’t realise until I spent two full days in my car this weekend driving in the countryside just how much water I drink at home. I owe it all to our Sodastream.

Pretty certain that I don’t need any more shoes but I wouldn’t say no to these Zara flats for early spring.

Finally, when did we all get into dried flowers and why didn’t I understand their importance before?

What were your loves of the last month? Wishing you all the best start to Feb – and access to vaccines for you and all of your loved ones!



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