Loves of the Last Week // 07.02.21

It’s been a long, cold, rainy week of hard goodbyes, lots of work, and not enough sunshine. But these loves of the last week – or rather, loves of the first week of February – show that with the hard… View Post

Loves of the Last Month // January 2021

The year that was January 2021 is finally over, and I’m quite certain we’re all better off now that this monstrosity of a month is over. Though my loves of the last month show me that it wasn’t all bad…… View Post

Christmas 2020 Wishlist // It’s that tiiime of year

I didn’t think I’d be writing a Christmas 2020 wishlist, but mostly because I never thought this year would end. This year has basically lasted 12, and I am thoroughly happy that 31 Dec is two weeks away. Obviously, I… View Post

Zara September Wishlist // New In Edit

Can somebody please explain to me how it’s time for my Zara September wishlist? Not that I’m complaining – Zara does autumn right. … View Post

Versailles During the Pandemic // Our Visit

In June, after the French government allowed travel throughout the country – and even opened the borders – PJ and I decided that we both felt safe enough to brave the crowds and visit Versailles during the pandemic. Since our… View Post