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There is nothing I like more than big, bold lashes. As a religious Revitalash Advanced user, I didn’t think mine could get any better. Until I discovered the Kiko Milano 30 Days Extension Lash Treatment Duo.

It was a warm August day in the Milan airport. I was perusing the shops after my flight back to Paris was delayed (bummer, I know). I’d always been curious about the brand but had never researched it too much. But I saw a sign mentioning mascara sales and thought “well, this must be fate” and made my way inside.

After a quick skim of the mascaras, I spotted a small section featuring two specific mascaras. Nothing special about the packaging – one fully gold, one with a black tube and gold cap – but pulled out both. To my delight, they were specially formulated to strengthen, lengthen, and give lashes that extra oomph. Because I can’t trust my own instincts when it comes to makeup (I’ll try anything), I did a quick Google search and was baffled by the reviews for tubes that typically cost 9.99 EUR (13.99 USD) each.

How had I not heard of this lash treatment duo before?

10 EUR later – I mean, what a sale – and I was on my way back home.

Okay, story time over. Does the Kiko Milano 30 Days Extension lash treatment duo work?

Short answer: absolutely, 1000% yes.

Long answer: after three years of using a lash serum, I have good great lashes. It’s to the point that pretty much every mascara looks pretty great, save for some extra-dry formulas. After about 1 week of using the duo daily, I was already pretty impressed. But then my mom came up for the weekend. She’s the most wonderful woman but doesn’t typically comment on my makeup of choice. But that day, she asked me if I’d had something done to my lashes. “Just a new mascara,” I’d replied, but already knew I was onto something special.

And finally, a week okay, a friend of mine stopped me at a party specifically to ask what lash brand I was wearing. I’ve had people ask if my lashes were fake before (#HumbleBrag) but this was a friend who I see fairly often. If she was asking, I knew it was working.

So, do I have your attention?

Where can you buy the Kiko Milano 30 Days Extension mascaras?

You. Are. In. LUCK. Kiko Milano is available pretty much everywhere.

For my US 🇺🇸 friends, they are currently on m.a.j.o.r. sale – snap these up fast!

Pour mes ami.e.s en France 🇫🇷


I can honestly say that I’m so impressed and happy with my lashes now, and this will be a repurchase forever (though I am super excited to try the Milani Highly Rated Lash Serum…keep a lookout here for that!)

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