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Suz Reviews // The incredible Kiko Milano 30 Days Extension Lash Treatment

Blog post header: Kiko Milan 30 Days Treatment

There is nothing I like more than big, bold lashes. As a religious Revitalash Advanced user, I didn’t think mine could get any better. Until I discovered the Kiko Milano 30 Days Extension Lash Treatment Duo. View Post

Suz Reviews // Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Speed Review

There’s a new bitch in town. And I am SO excited to see what A-antics we’ll get to see in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin.

It should come as a shock to no one that this millennial was obsessed with Pretty Little Liars in my early teens. I wanted to be a combo of Aria and Emily with (some of) Hannah’s clothes. I read the books, I watched the show – I even lasted through that ridiculous finale.

So when I heard about a reboot, I was more than intrigued, I was excited for Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. View Post