Mood Music Monday // Mura Masa

This past weekend we were at Melt! Festival at the Ferropolis site in Gräfenhainichen, about an hour outside of Berlin. 

We also went to the festival last year, but this year our group was bigger and the weather wasn't as intensely hot (except we all still got sunburned, whoops!). 

In our downtime, we spent a lot of time in the sun (us Belgian-based people really needed it), I learned a lot about Portugal, WWII and how hilarious the game "Heads Up" is, especially when playing with the boyfriend. He is absolutely hilarious (and it totally helps that he said "Suzi" when trying to give clues for the movie Dreamgirls. Love him. 

My favourite act of the weekend was the incredibly talented Mura Masa, and we were very lucky to see him on Friday night, up close and personal. It was an awesome live set, and I'm really happy that we all got to dance together during his set. 

This was my favourite tune, and I felt a little silly but I sang the whole thing (or at least the words I knew) to PJ - we had so much fun! 

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


Mood Music Monday // Bahari

mood music monday, Bahari EP, Suz and the Sun music

Totally should have posted this last week but I've been a bit down and out - going to the dentist and physical therapy for my back and job searching and PJ being away...I've been a bit of a lazy mess (though weirdly productive in my physical needs, it seems).

So. Back to my new trio of girl crushes: Bahari. 

I've also been listening to these girl non-stop. I actually first discovered them way back in 2014 with the track Wild Ones when we (read: PJ handing me tools and making food while I did the handywork) were putting together some furniture in the apartment, and have been waiting for their new music since then.

Funny enough, I realised that they released more music through Forever 21's Snapchat, watching them rock out in mini clips with their cool, California-girl rock. I am admittedly obsessed. Check out their new EP, Dancing On The Sun, below.

Hope you love them as much as I do. Perfect cruising music. My favs? Dancing On The Sun and California.


Mango leather slippers

 photo hob and white slippers_zpsjmb55mnh.jpg

This little one is very happy that we finally had a glass gate installed in our big bay-type windows overlooking the street. Meanwhile, I'm very happy that the weather is finally warm and dry enough to actually open these windows, while also wearing these gorgeous white loafers from Mango, in the most supple leather I've ever put on my little feet. 

Bonus: they're on sale right now!

I prefer to wear them with the backs pushed down as mules, which is how I've seen this type of loafer styled. They're so comfortable and easy to wear with everything, as long as there's no mud in my path (or on my puppy's paws). 

Hope you're all enjoying the beginning of July and the weather stays warm and dry.