Florals in Mallorca

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Could not have had more fun in Mallorca to celebrate my birthday this past weekend. Coming back to Belgium was hard, and has been especially hard this week - I work in Brussels and have been really trying to come to terms with what happened this week. But more on that some other time.

We had such an amazing time lying in the sun on Friday and doing drives up the East & West coasts on Saturday and Sunday. Not to mention the €4 cava and all the tapas we could get our hands on...

shoes // jacket // sunglasses // bag (similar)
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Old Town Palma was really special - it was amazing walking around in the small streets, getting lost and appearing into a beautiful honey-coloured square. Not to mention the shopping is amazing, and I finally got to visit a Stradivarius store, where I snagged this amazing floral olive bomber for my birthday! Such fun, especially after gelato ;)

I can't wait to be back. I definitely now have a plan to visit all of the islands surrounding Spain - by boat, if I really need to.


The Kewl Shop Interview // A Moment in the Sun with Suz

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How cool is this? The lovely folks over at The Kewl Shop sat me down for an interview because they like what I write - what an awesome thing to hear! It was really fun answering all of the questions they had. Some things I've never really thought about that much in depth, so it was cool to give those answers. 

I'm so happy that people like my little blog here. I hope it stays that way!


Mint & Green in Mallorca

I am so exhausted, but I can't even be mad about it because this week is both my birthday (happy St. Patty's ;)) & we're going to MALLORCA for a long weekend. I plan to eat my way through the island so bikini shots may be limited.

My love of green and islands definitely shows on my green wishlist. I read today that mint is going out of season, but let's be honest, mint is not leaving my body or my mojitos (which I plan to enjoy this weekend, too).

 photo 5 green for spring_zps6sjzcqdo.png

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

These ASOS mint gladiator sandals got me like whaaaaat. I am obsessed. So obsessed. Had I found these two weeks ago they would be on my feet from the time I stepped off the plane probably until September, Belgian weather be damned!

Now I just have to get through this week and a 5am train ride for my 7am plane, but then it's sea, sand and sun for three full days with my love!


Mood Music Monday // Never Be Like You

Mood music monday, Flume never be like you, new music

New Flume that I'm obsessed with...

This is totally going to get my through this week until my awesome weekend away with PJ.


You're not lost - you're here.

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The last few weeks have not been easy, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders. 

It's not that I have such major problems, but I'm trying to find balance in my life and it's been really hard lately, but I am trying to turn it around, however I can.

When I went to get my haircut this weekend at Coupe Maison (haircuts & drinks in one? My fav.), I passed under this sign and it seemed like a pretty good omen - things will get better eventually, but I have to actively realise it too. 

This weekend really helped - some friends and I (from here and from Germany) walked around town, talked, watched basketball and made food together a few different times. It was a great way to slow things down and just have some fun. And the basketball team won, which was great to see!

Then we made a huge spread of sushi and laughed, and laughed, and laughed. 

The perfect end to a great weekend - brioche in the over and a sleepy puppy on the couch. 

Hopefully the Monday blues don't get you down tomorrow.