Cactus Print // &OS Gent

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My favourite parts of the weekend in Gent are the combined desire to go shopping and stay in bed. I always feel extra guilty since Hobson always wants to play on a Saturday morning, so getting up isn't the issue - it's getting out. But considering it takes all of 10 minutes to bike to the centre of town, I can't really complain too much.

Town was, as is usual on the one-day-per-weekend when everything is open, packed on a Saturday so we actually steered clear of the big shopping street - considering it was also the last day of the sales period, we knew my favourites would be absolutely swamped.

After making our necessary purchases (damn cold season means we have to stock up on the essentials: tissues, flowers to make the room pretty, a jewelry holder because I liked it...), and a pit-stop at a BAGEL RESTO (omg I was so excited), we were walking to our bus stop to go home when ya know, & Other Stories just caught my eye. There was absolutely no way that I planned it like this...

 photo and other stories cactus print dress_zpssvycca5j.png
And thank God we stopped in because I left with the cutest cactus print dress. Whenever I get those there, I actually always wear them as a light jacket instead since people in the BENELUX area are giants and none of the clothes fit me the way they're supposed to.

I love love LOVE this print - PJ also got really excited since it reminded him of New Mexico. It's the first place I ever lived in the US and one of the vacations we took together to visit my family. And for the absolutely ridiculous price of €22.50, this little baby was mine, and PLEASE mother nature, let me have some warmer temperatures so I can cover my body with this asap.

Hope your Sunday is as relaxed as mine is (aside from my farting puppy)!


Mood Music Monday // Hide Away

Mood music monday,

So I guess this song doesn't really pertain to me since I look at my SO with googly eyes every time I see his face, but this is still catchy as hell and makes me bop in my office so much that I barely hear my boss' voice.

Luckily my peripheral vision is great so nobody gets offended and I still get to listen to whatever I want ;)



Sundaze in the park

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S Mug sold out (but I love this one and this one)  // Bulldog Owl Shirt

I need a vacation.

And that's saying something since we practically finished winter holidays yesterday. Which, duh, is an exaggeration, but having your whole family in town can be the most fun though thoroughly exhausting exercise known to man.

Thus - I take my weekends extremely seriously, especially Sundays. When I first moved to Belgium I was actually mad that things weren't open on the day that I like to do my necessary business. You know - buying the essentials, hauling a massive amount of groceries and stalking all of my favourite high street stores like I hadn't been in them the day before...

But my Sundays now consist of sleeping in, pancakes, puppy walks in beautiful country side and the occasional workout *like* this past weekend's 15 minute barre class that has left me in pain for hours.

 photo cc2abcb7-b442-4c23-adfc-d54f1524841c_zpssqkqo4ex.jpg
Luckily, I have a little sleeping Hobson next to me warming me up, and mugs on mugs of rooibos tea in just one of my delightful mugs. One of many. I might have a problem.

My other problem will be waking up tomorrow at 7am for work, but hey. At least I have my mugs, right?

And a spooning, farting dog. C'est la vie.


Mood Music Monday // Weight In Gold

Gallant weight in gold, Mood Music Monday by Suz and the Sun

There is nothing I love more right now than this song. At least when it come to music. 

The lyrics, the beat, the sounds - they say it all! I have never listened to a song more in the first days of knowing it than I have for this song *and* his dancing is so ridiculously fun even when the mood of the song shouldn't be so joyous.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


POTD: Target Deco Box

OK, late to the game as usual, but I love boxes. Especially glass boxes. Especially decorative glass boxes with delightfully cute messages.

How many do I have? None. How many do I need? Well...none EXCEPT THIS BEAUTY from the one and only Target!
Possibly one of the things I miss most about living in Richmond (and the US in general) is Target. That great big bullseye holds the key to my heart and can cheer my up just by setting inside, though I tried it on Black Friday once and am still traumatised.

Any friends coming over soon, consider this your hostess-gift hint. In return, I'll present you with Belgian beer and endless puppy cuddles. 

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday!


ASOS shoe sale

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1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

There's a pretty damn good reason why my friends and family use the nickname Shoezi fairly often when we're out shopping...lets be honest, these trips often end up in a section that make my feet very happy, but my wallet not so much. 

And while everyone has those post-holiday blues, I'm really, really feeling it this year since Belgium has these two insane shopping-filled sale months per year. For people without day jobs its like heaven. For those of us staring at a screen all day it's a less than desired situation to be in.

Which is why I turn to ASOS and all these post-2015 sale stunners. New year, new heels #2016goals! At least I can get my fix somehow...

I've really gotten into strappy heels lately, but especially those that keep my ankles in place. With a pretty bum right hip it can be really difficult for me to wear heels that don't have an ankle strap, though I've been branching out with some pumps and mules this holiday season (though, tbh I was sitting and eating a lot of that time).

When I can finally decide what pair will soon be on my little footsies, my ankles will be telling me *yes* even when my bank account says nooo. I figure I can shake this off as a work investment - event coordinators need to look professional, right? ;)