Suz & the Chambray

Suz & the Chambray, Zara bag, hipster style, french bulldog, Suz & the Sun
Suz & the Chambray, Zara bag, hipster style, french bulldog, Suz & the Sun
Suz & the Chambray, Zara bag, hipster style, french bulldog, Suz & the Sun
Sometimes you just need to hang out with your little fuzzy buddy to make you feel good about yourself. 

I'm really into the whole black bra/white shirt thing for the summer. Though summer is supposed to be one of those 'warm' months, the heat wave hasn't entirely hit here (though I'm fortunate for AC and my heart is breaking for those currently experiencing relentless warmth around the world). 

I still love the look of black pants and chambray on top, and this top from Nordstrom is the softest, most comfortable topper I think I've ever worn. With some nude brogues, my favourite little fancy bag from Zara and my puppy by my side, I love how this outfit makes me feel. Which is a lot more like myself that I've been feeling for awhile, which is something I've been struggling with since moving. 

I know the clothes don't truly make the lady, but they really do help.


Mood Music Monday // I'm Torn Up

Mood Music Monday, St. Paul and the Broken Bones, I'm Torn Up
As far as Mondays go, this one isn't the greatest. I'm tired and didn't sleep well, the weather isn't spectacular and the waiting game continues. But this song is helping my melancholy mood just as much as it did last week when we saw this band at DOK. 

Suz & St. Paul and the Broken Bones // DOK in Gent

DOK in Gent, Ghent tourism, Gent travel
DOK in Gent, Ghent tourism, Gent travel
DOK in Gent, Ghent tourism, Gent travel
DOK in Gent, Ghent tourism, Gent travel, St. Paul and the Broken Bones Belgium
DOK in Gent, Ghent tourism, Gent travel, St. Paul and the Broken Bones Belgium
DOK in Gent, Ghent tourism, Gent travel, St. Paul and the Broken Bones, Belgium
DOK in Gent, Ghent tourism, Gent travel, St. Paul and the Broken Bones, Belgium

On Tuesday evening we went out for a little soul singing. The seven piece Alabama based band St. Paul and the Broken Bones came in to perform at DOK in Gent, and wow. All I can say is wow. They were amazing; their music was fun and full of energy and, to be cliché, soul. The band and singer Paul Janeway sounded like they just loved to play music together and for other people. 

DOK is the absolute perfect location for all kinds of concerts, and I loved that the venue was kind of small. It was a bit intimate, and Paul was making jokes with the audience and giving us a lot of laughs. I loved it!

Fans were singing, dancing and bopping. I'm so glad PJ surprised me with tickets, otherwise I'm not sure that I would have heard of them for a long time. We were able to meet up with some friends, did a bit of swing dancing (much to PJs dismay/amusement...) and enjoy some drinks. 

The night was so good that we ended up buying their album so we can jam and dance in the apartment. Puppy is already a fan! 

We made some big moves this morning for the future, so now to celebrate!

Have you seen these soul singers? Make sure you do soon!


Suz & the Grapefruit // POTD

Reformation Grapefruit, Petite style, Reformation petite dress, Suz & the Sun style, POTD

I would just like to praise Reformation for making a petites line SO stunning and for people my size. The line is for the vertically challenged (5'4 and under) and since all of my maxis magically look like a wedding dress train around me, I would GLADLY rock this strawberry coloured Petites Grapefruit dress.
 Love. Love. Love. 


Mood Music Monday // Sun Shy

Apologies for the late post, today has been filled with job applications, a crazy little playful pup and a whole lot of grey outside our windows. I wish I could say I've been outside today, but alas, those clouds have kept me under covers and on my computer all day. 
Enjoy your Monday!


Suz & the Grad Dress
Bell Sleeve Dress // Old Banana Republic Leather Sandals (similar here by Joe's Jeans) // Jewelry by Mango and Aldo
I absolutely fell in LOVE with this bell sleeve babydoll dress from Forever 21 when I was in Amsterdam with B. I feel like a lot of my wardrobe is from there, but I have a lot of fun finding pieces that are unlike anything in other stores. I especially like that Forever isn't a brick and mortar store in Sweden, so I was pretty sure that no one would have the same dress as me, thank goodness. In a country full of blondes, I wanted to stand out somehow!

I absolutely love the sleeves and the crochet neckline detail. I can't get over how pretty the sleeves are and how summery they made me feel! It also made me feel all the right kinds of pretty for our degree presentations. With that, I'm officially a Master!

A big cheers to the rest of my classmates on getting their degrees, and thanks for a fabulous night out in Lund! 


Suz & the Mason // POTD

 For some reason, I don't like to take rolling bags as my carry-on or travel bag, no matter where I go. I fell in love with the Mason travel satchel by Sole Society ages ago, but shipping to Belgium turns into a bit of an issue. 
I love that this one has a separate compartment for shoes, because let's be honest, what else would go in there? I always take too many pairs because you never know what the weather may bring!
My last little suitcase purchase has recently become a very comfy puppy bed in our kitchen, so I'm now definitely in the market for a new one!

Any suggestions? Let me know!


Suz & Midsummer // Glad Midsommar!

To say I'm sad to not be in Sweden on this day is the understatement of the year. I loved celebrating Midsummer in Sweden (maybe you got that from reading this Music Monday Post?) So I decided to dress myself (and my dog...) up to celebrate this very special day!
Suz & the Sun Midsummer style, Midsummer dog, flower crown,
Suz & the Sun Midsummer style, Midsummer dog, flower crown,
Don't you think we look alike?
Since I couldn't make my own flower crown in Lund this year, I went for an entire H&M look. I paired their amazing H&M Loves Coachella maxi dress (on sale now!) with one of their flower crowns for both me and Mr. Hobson! 
With our 10k tomorrow PJ and I won't be partaking in any of the usual festivities that usually happen during Midsummer, so we're having our own mini celebration with the furballs on Sunday evening. 
Suz & the Sun Midsummer style, Midsummer dog, Suz & the Sun flower Crown, Mr. Hobson
As for tonight, a bunch of knäckebröd, cheeses and salamis for a light snack before PJ's big match tonight. 

Enjoy your own celebrations, whatever they may be!


Suz & the Drew // POTD

I think pretty much every blogger has tried to score at least one dupe for the Chloé Drew bag, and I think I got my hands on Zara's last one. Available in early 2015, this chain strap black bag is a pretty good lookalike for the far-out-of-my-unemployed budget. 
Suz & the Sun style, Suz & the Sun POTD, Zara chain bag
However, there is still hope! As many have noticed, Forever 21 has their own pretty incredible dupe that I tried to have B bring over for me when she visited but they weren't yet in stores. 
Suz & the sun style, Suz & the sun POTD, Forever 21 Faux Leather lock crossbody
SO how lucky was I when Zara had the last available bag in Belgium. I'm totally loving this bag and can't wait until I really get to use it in the next few weeks!


Suz & the Celebrations

Suz & the sun paisley dress, Suz & the sun style, Suz & the sun leather brogues
Yesterday I was informed of my thesis grade, and I have to say, I'm really happy about it. My stressful months and sleepless nights paid off! We had even more to celebrate with PJ and his mom, and we had an incredible meal (duck filled with goat cheese and honey? Yum.) with an even nicer dessert. It was a great way to close out walking around one of the most beautiful but depressing towns I've ever been to where PJ and his mama had a meeting. 
Suz & the sun food, Louis Clesse dessert platter
Suz & the sun dog, Suz & Mr. Hobson, french bulldog puppy,
When we finally got home, I had a wonderful time running around in the backyard with my little sun dog. All in all, it was a pretty perfect day. I was with my big love and my little loves, had a delightful meal and had the most relaxing sleep (don't tell my mama I woke up at noon).

Paisley Dress (similar here, similar maxi here) // BP Leather brogues (similar here) // Silver Bangle 

Luckily, the good times keep happening, and my little sun dog is using his big eyes to beg for a belly rub. So I'm off!


Suz & the Gel Eyeliner // POTD

I've recently converted to gel eyeliner instead of the liquids that I've previously loved. I love the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner, but I couldn't help but think that I would love a little colour on my lids instead. 
Suz & the Sun POTD Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner
With my green/blue eyes, this dark grey and violet Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner would be perfect! I love how gel eyeliners feel on my face and this will definitely be the next liner I try. I can't wait to get my hands on it!

What's your favourite type of eyeliner? Are there others you would recommend?


Suz & the Dayflower Indigo // POTD

I tried this colour two weeks ago when B was here visiting. We were looking for really 'Euro' beauty products for her coworkers, like the best nail colours or the best eye shadows. 
And so, upon walking into & Other Stories in Gent, we happened upon this stunning nail polish. Today, I took the plunge and bought it, and my nails are bright and shiny and so full of the feeling of summer. 

It also has the best name. It makes me think of rolling in the flowers at a festival with a crown on my head and a mint julep waiting for me at my tent. Which will happen one month from Thursday!

I can't wait to show off my nails tonight with the boys at football, though I can't imagine they'll be quite as excited as me ;)


Suz & Sundays in the Park

Suz & the sun in the park, Suz & the sun puppy, Suz & the sun style
This weekend was a bit crazy. On Friday I agreed to run a 10k at drinks with some friends, and on Saturday we went for a long run, cleaned the flat, made furniture, destroyed a cupboard and did general housework, all while hanging out with the cat and the little puppy. Needless to say we were exhausted.

We take Sundays pretty seriously here. By that, I mean it is a full day of recuperation and rest. Obviously, this meant a walk to the park nearby for some reading and introducing Mr. Hobson (insta @mr.hobson) to his surroundings (and hopefully some other dogs). 
Suz & the sun in the park, Suz & the sun puppy, Suz & the sun style
Suz & the sun in the park, Suz & the sun puppy, Suz & the sun style
Suz & the sun in the park, Suz & the sun puppy, Suz & the sun style
Weekday Cupro Singlet // Forever 21 Shorts (similar here) // H&M sneakers (similar here) // Forever 21 Necklace (similar here) // Vintage Bracelet

I think my favourite part about being in this city is the ability to walk down the street and have it be so beautiful. Almost all of our neighbours have some rose bushes growing or have their flats painted a charming colour. I absolutely love taking it all in!

We fully succeeded with our plan. Sunday night was perfectly calm and prepared us for a week of work and job applications for me...fingers crossed!


Suz & the Mules // POTD

I think I go into Mango basically every time I pass by one, and these little babies have been on my radar since I first saw them. I love heels and stilettos, but I still need to learn to wear them in my new city (cobblestones are my worst enemy wherever I am in the world). 

suz & the sun product of the day mango mules

I love the edge that the five straps give to these sandals. They would make any foot look killer, but also laid back without that heel strap. These babies also come in silver, but I prefer the black and brown vibe to go with the rest of my closet. 

Anyone else a huge fan of mules? Am I jumping on this bandwagon way late?


Suz & the Crochet Dress // POTD: Product of the Day

Crochet is a huge hit this summer. And let's be honest, when are white maxi's not a good idea? I love an affordable piece to wear, and Forever 21's Crochet Maxi Dress is spot on.

suz and the sun maxi dress, suz and the sun style, suz & the sun style, suz and the sun product of the day,  suz & the sun product of the day
I can't get over how beautiful the back of this dress is, and the skirt looks like it has so much movement to it; the perfect dress for beach bonfires or cava by the water.

I know a lot of people have their doubts about the quality of fast-fashion stores, but I have to say, many of my favourite dresses and shirts come from Forever, HM and Mango. And they last because I take care of them, as you should with all of your clothes. 

Now that I'm a real adult with an actual place to store my clothes, especially my new maxis, I think I'm going to have to add this to my summer circulation!

Enjoy the Monday! My massive cup of coffee and I are.


Mood Music Monday: Små grodorna för Midsommar!

Two years ago I went to my first official Midsummer celebration just outside of Stockholm, overlooking a beautiful lake. My entire Scandi-family was there (including PJ), alongside my dad's high school friends and their families. We sang, we danced, we ate, we drank; all to our hearts content.

My favourite of the Midsummer songs, besides hearing my uncle's renditions of all of the Snaps songs, was Små Grodorna, or little frogs.

This year on Midsummer, I'll be running my first ever 10k right as the sun goes down, so this week's selection was inspired by my need to be pumped up.

So, in honour of Midsummer's eve, which just so happens to fall on my papa's birthday, a hip hop rendition of the little frogs, and the memory of my papa hopping about like he was one!

Let me know your own favourite Midsummer song!


Suz & the Travel Jewelry

wanderlust and co, travel jewelry, mango drop necklace, turquoise jewelry

I've only been upgraded to first class twice in my life. The first time, my family was moving to the US from South Africa. The second was my initial trip to Belgium to see my now-boyfriend's country for the first time.

That first upgrade was a bit of sympathy on the airlines part. The second I believe was fate. But it may have helped that I really dressed up for that trip, knowing that I would be seeing PJ at the airport without a shower or a brush in almost a day. 

I read an article really recently that airlines are more likely to give seat upgrades to people that are priority, polite and dress well. I'm always a jeans and shirt kind of girl on planes, but this last trip I took, when flying to Belgium for the final time, I stepped it up a notch with a few of my favourite jewels to give that "Why yes, I am an adult woman" vibe to my outfit. 

suz and the sun travel jewels, citizen watch, bracelet watch, gold watch, vintage citizen watch
I had a little too much fun taking this picture on the much so that the guy next to me was laughing. No shame!
suz and the sun travel jewels, vintage ring, mango bracelet, citizen watch
Skip Maisel Turquoise earrings // Wanderlust + Co Tri-Arrow gold Necklace // Mango Crystal Slim Necklace //  Citizen watch (vintage) // Mango Bracelet // Vintage Ring // OPI Privacy Please polish
I know there's sometimes a hassle when wearing jewelry to travel in; it gets caught in your hair, you have to take it off at security, the usual annoyances. But the only thing I had to remove was my watch, and it all made me feel quite fancy while I spritzed Guerlain Flora Rosa perfume on my wrists and slathered the Crème de la Mer samples all over my now unemployed-but-job-hunting face. 

I'm always so interested in what people wear to the airport (and I will always laugh at people wearing hiking boots when there will be no hiking or camping involved, sorry). What do you prefer to wear? Leggings and a hoodie or do you go all out, business woman style?

Let a girl know! 

Now, applications. But first: coffee and snuggles with my little nuggety puppy!


Suz & the Park // Mr. Hobson and the Rose Dress

As pretty much everyone I've ever been in contact with knows, I am a little crazy about this tiny puppy. Today we walked to the park with his adorable Boots & Barkley collar and leash from my parents (though he prefers to be a nudist at home).

Mr. Hobson and the rose dress, HM dress, Ghent parks, french bulldog puppy
Dress: H&M (similar styles here & here) // Scarf: Urban Outfitters (old)

I love this H&M dress because not only is it adorable, it move nicely and is flowy enough to enjoy the beautiful weather in, but is also so easy to run around in while I train my pup. It's my favourite dress to throw on and run errands in, but to also dress up with a few necklaces and rings.

Here's hoping the weather there is as good as mine!


Suz & the Puppy // Mr. Hobson!

I found out last  Friday that I passed my Master's thesis, and thank everything in the world because my graduation present came in the form of ONE TINY PUPPY on May 30th. He is everything that I could have ever dreamed of (and born on my birthday) and I am so in love. 

So, without further ado, I would like to formally introduce Mr. Hobson, the French bulldog puppy. 

suz & mr hobson, french bulldog puppy, belgium

suz & mr hobson, french bulldog puppy on a walk, fancy frenchie

suz & mr hobson in the park, puppy on a walk, french bulldog puppy

suz & mr hobson, sleeping french bulldog puppy, belgium,

Like I said, amazing, right? He loves to cuddle, he enjoys tiny walks and really likes to fart at inconvenient times...But we love him anyway. 

And I can guarantee you'll see more of him since we're basically best friends now. 

Suz (and Mr. Hobson)

Mood Music Monday // Puppy Love!

The greatest moment of my life (post Master's degree) happened this Saturday when...drumroll please...we got a PUPPY! I've been dreaming about this little guy for five years and it finally came true. 
frenchie puppy, mr. hobson, french bulldog puppy
But more on that later. 

This last week has been amazing. I moved to Belgium on Sunday, my best friend in the world arrived in Paris on Tuesday and we spent two days in Amsterdam roaming the city and picking tulips when I finally found out I had passed my Master's thesis and would get my degree! And then we got my little Mr. Hobson! (insta: @mr.hobson)

So needless to say: I'm happy. I've got everything I want in the world and my life is just getting started!