Mood Music Monday // Pick Me Up

Today is our 3rd day in Dublin, and despite the rain, it has been amazing. Unfortunately, I've had to do quite a bit of work on the trip, but this playlist always gets me through; slow enough to keep my calm but upbeat enough to push myself a bit more.

If you're doing work, keep at it. We'll get there eventually!


Suz & the Sweets

Hazelnut cake, Lund food, Swedish food, Inkognito bistro cafe
I may have a bigger sweet tooth than anyone else I know. Thus, a necessary and delicious thesis break *with bottomless coffee* with some Canadians at Inkognito Bistro Café in Lund. 

And if the food wasn't nice enough...
coffee break, Lund food, Swedish food, Inkognito bistro cafe, pretty flower vases
Even the flower vases tell you how pretty you look today.

Happy Friday. 


Suz & the Swedish Road trip // Sweden x Canadians

So I know this is a little late, but I've been busy!

What started as a simple road trip ended as one of the most awesome adventures of my life. I'm so happy I accepted my fate and spent five days driving around southern Sweden with, ugh, Canadians

Best. Plan. Ever. 

We made our way down the coast to Falsterbo and Skanör where my grandparents live, then on to Trelleborg and Ystad, where we stayed the night after seeing Ales Stenar. Onward and upward to Kristianstad and then a full drive across the country for some tours with a few friends in Gothenburg.

The Ystad beach.

Suz & the Botanical Gardens

When the sun comes out, every person in this little city takes advantage of it. I am no stranger to loving the outdoors and worshipping that great big sphere in the sky, and today was no difference. D and I decided that we deserved a break in the gardens from all of our hard work.

Style in the botanical gardens in Lund, Sweden.
shirt: vintage // jeans: Bullhead // Boots: Lucky Brand // Sunglasses: Åhléns
My mum brought me this silk blouse that my grandma used to wear. It is so soft and moves beautifully; it really reminds me of her and I'm so happy that I get to wear it now!

Style in the botanical gardens in Lund, Sweden.

D was very interested in the ducks today.

Style in the botanical gardens in Lund, Sweden.

If you haven't been outside today, I highly suggest it. The sun is fleeting in these bi-polar (ha!) months. Enjoy it!


Mood Music Monday // ODESZA

This is the week I'm giving myself the final big push before my last draft is due. Granted, I still have a month to finish, but I want to be done early so my formatting and printing is done well.

I'll be seeing ODESZA for the first time live this summer in Germany, and I could not be happier - their tracks are dreamy in a focused kind of way. The vibe is so relaxed, but makes me want to sway rather than fall asleep. Check them out for yourself!

Have a killer Monday - today is the last day I get to spend with my parents so I'm pretty sad, but I'll see them again soon. On to new adventures!


Mood Music Monday // Acoustic Afternoons

This week is hectic. I have my thesis supervision session today, my parents arrive tomorrow, PJ arrives Wednesday evening, and then this weekend is a full out celebration of my family. And as much as I'm looking forward to seeing my boyfriend and my parents and my uncle and grandparents...I have so. much. to. do.

So I say thank you for the music (and ABBA) and leave you with this week's Mood Music Monday: my favourite study music.

And with that - I leave you to analyse! Don't let the Mondays get you down!


Suz and the Spring Wishlist

Spring is officially here in Sweden. The flowers are blooming and the sun is shining down on us. And my closet and makeup bag are in desperate need of a few goodies...
Spring wishlist collage, Ahlens, Essie, L'Oreal blurring cream, Forever21, Toms, Gina Tricot

I am completely obsessed with everything: this adorable babydoll dress from Forever21 that I saw on the F21finds instagram, this white jacket from Gina Tricot, and those sandals. Ugh, those sandals! 

And I finally got to sample the L'Oréal blur cream...flawless. That blurring effect is incredible, and my skin felt so silky afterwards. I felt so good, in fact, that it was officially time to frolic in the flowers. 

Flowers in Sweden

I hope your Friday is as great as mine. Enjoy these long days!


Mood Music Monday // Roadtrip!

Today is the last day of our little Swedish roadtrip, but I'm so happy I got to see parts of the country I probably wouldn't with some awesome ladies. Three of us are pretty big T. Swift fans, so I bet you can imagine what the inside of our car sounded like. Worry not, we did actually play other music.

Today's mood music: some inspiration for your own roadtrip, and following the paths wherever they should take you!

I'm always up for some recommendations. What are your favourite road trip songs?