Through the Looking Glass

Have you ever seen a string of words so relatable that you stop and just let them sink into you for a few moments before continuing on with your day? I think my whole body stopped when I came across this gorgeous Etsy print by thewheatfield from one of my favourite books: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

I think I relate to this, not because I feel like that cool, independent girl that does whatever she wants. No, I think I feel more like I've never totally fit in to the places I'm in, or the groups I'm apart of. I've always felt a little different, and I'm only now figuring out that there's nothing wrong with that. 

In fact, it can be very right. 


Mood Music Monday // The Great Gatsby

The first installment of Mood Music Monday revolves around the roaring '20s. Tonight is the Great Gatsby Party at the Grand Hotel in Lund, and it's time to dress up in our flapper dresses, headbands and heels. Hopefully tonight doesn't end like Gatsby's most infamous party...

I hope your Monday night is as glamorous as (I hope) mine is!


Suz and the Lumberjack

lucky brand, target style, mango, gina tricot shirt
Jeans: Target // Turtle neck tank: Gina Tricot // Plaid blouse: Mango (similar here & here // Booties: Lucky Brand // Beanie: H&M (similar here) // Jewelry: Vintage

Spring took one look at Lund and decided to hide in bed for about another month, apparently it's time to study and not enjoy some fresh air... While this doesn't look at all good for my prospects of enjoying the outdoors over the next few weeks, it gives me excuses to try more layering and keep wearing my favourite warm weather attire. 

Lucky brand, Mango, target style

I will wear these booties until my feet give up on me, and probably after that too. They are the most comfortable things I've ever put on my feet. I'm lucky that my foot size is usually the sample they lay out, so these little babies were already broken in for me when I finally got to put them on my feet. I felt a little like Cinderella.

Suz in Rotterdam // Photo Diary

Normally I'm really good at guessing games. Give me one decent hint and I can pretty much do the rest (unless it's estimating jelly beans). But I was finally one-upped this past weekend when PJ got the better of my curious questions and truly surprised me. Our secret destination? Rotterdam; home of Erasmus himself and the namesake bridge, incredible shopping & 2009's best bar in the world (well, so says Lonely Planet).
Oudehaven Rotterdam
Oudehaven, the old harbour right outside of our hotel
Almost completely flattened in WWII, one vintage-shop owner told me it was built up like the NYC of Western Europe, and the skyline does not disappoint. One part pre-war, brownstone like facades meet new and modern architecture that doesn't just ask you to look at it, it demands the eye. And it is beautiful.

The sun will come out (eventually)

Tomorrow marks the official first day of Spring, but up here in Northern Europe, it seems like it's taking a little bit longer for the sun to break from behind the clouds. 

Until then, some inspiration for when the flowers start to bloom.

lucky brand booties, target style, Berkshka sweater, H&M hat

Jeans: Target// Sweater: Bershka // Hat: H&M // Shoes: Lucky Brand Basel Booties

What are you looking forward to wearing most this Spring?


Top 25 since '90 #25andalive

Well, I've finally made it to 25. With all the things I've done over the years, it definitely makes sense that I am this old, but I certainly don't feel it (except I'm definitely starting to feel those stress wrinkles, come at me Master's thesis!)

So to welcome my quarter-life crisis and then end of my education/start of being a real-life adult: a list of 25 things I've done and what I'd like to continue to do.

1) Returned to the land of my birth three times since leaving in '97.
2) Went back one of those times for an awesome internship.

Table Mountain, Paarden Eiland