Dior Jardin

I would never classify myself as a traveler. You know the type: big packpack, travels light, and can go for a week without washing and look fantastic?

Though I do fancy myself a bit of a suitcase lifestyle lover, and this likeness of our Earth from Dior really took my breath away.

I'm no flower expert, but southern Sweden right now seems to land in a bit of baby's breath, and my next adventure will find me on the petals of a rose. Ah, romance.

What  flower do you find yourself in right now?


New beginnings

I know it's way past the beginning of the new year, but there's no better time than the present, amiright? 

The fall became a sort of personal war battled in the valley below the Highlands in Scotland between my mind, my body and my work ethic - luckily my mind won and I got the marks I wanted for my first semester, but numerous other aspects of my life seemed to falter - including any sort of creative going-ons I longed to indulge in.

But here I stand/lay/am curled up and write this, in my new Swedish home. With just one course at a time I have to reason to be lazy or exhausted. It just means I have to dress more comfortably, Right? With that, tomorrow's outfit inspiration: