PJ can't believe:: Turkey and Greece

Welcome to the first edition of PJ can't believe, which takes us through the beautiful sights of Turgutreis, Turkey, and Kos, Greece.

PJ can't believe how great his hair looks in this picture. 

PJ can't believe how tiny his girlfriends feet are, or why people still post pictures like this. 

PJ can't believe he can't make his own plants grow to be this tall. 

PJ can't believe Suzi coerced him into hanging out with cats again. 

PJ can't believe that it happened, or how smitten he is with this kitten. 

PJ can't believe no one thinks he's the best photographer ever.

PJ can't believe his neighbours don't want to turn their backyard into this.

PJ can't believe he can feel the water tickling his toes while he dines 

PJ can't believe how utterly relaxing this cruise is that he actually is sleeping.

PJ can't believe that the Sanctuary of Aphrodite doesn't have a statue of him in it.

PJ can't believe his own strength.

PJ can't believe that people used to have to have gates this tall considering how short his girlfriend is.

PJ can't believe that those sorority girls didn't let him in.

PJ can't believe that Suzi cut off his hair in this picture.

PJ can't believe people don't play massive rounds of hide&seek in the Western Baths.

PJ can't believe how well we coordinated our pastel outfits.

PJ can't believe the sanctuary nightclubs are only open from 11-4. 

PJ can't believe it's already food time, but he's certainly happy about it.

PJ can't believe no one is squeezing this lemon for him, or how good this hummus is.

PJ can't believe how good Suzi's hair smells.

PJ can't believe this mojito didn't instantly return his advances. He no longer believes in love at first sight.

PJ can't believe no one asked for his autograph on this great hair day.

PJ can't believe that some people choose not to head-boop with kittens.

Style Crush Friday // Poppy Delevingne

I know we're all over Cara these days, but I've been sporting a major style crush on middle sister Poppy. Wonder why? You won't after these pics.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Poppy is a natural beauty and looks great in everything. But what makes her so great is that her style is totally relatable and her pieces are just gorgeous. Hers is a closet I will always covet!

Who's your style crush today?


Autumn is finally upon us (I guess technically there's one more month, but who's counting in these temperatures?), and I am so excited. I love the air - it's crisp, it smells amazing and it's not at all suffocating like the heat of summer. 

The best part of autumn and winter for me is by far the ability to wear jeans with and to everything - class, meals, parties, going out. Even meetings with my professors since dark jeans can look unbelievably smart. 

Here are my picks for jeans this fall, specifically chosen for colour and length - I'm fairly petite in the length department!

Clockwise from left:

There is nothing I love more than a great pair of skinny jeans and a big comfy sweater. What are your favourite jeans for fall?


'Twas the most Belgian day of the year

Sunday turned out to be the most Belgian day of the summer for me, even though I've already been here for a month. 

We started with a cycle tour (of course) of De Kastelenroute, or basically a tour of massive houses just outside of Gent. 
The seasoned professional took me on my tour. 

Our entire tour took four hours, 35 km, 1 Cola light, 1 dark Sunday beer, 1 Croque Monsieur, 1 tapas plate, 3 wrong turns and a foal that came to say hello!
With my Rosewood Waiting For The Sun France sunglasses and my delightful summery purse from South Africa.

The countryside just outside of Gent is absolutely gorgeous! 

After our enormous cycle, it was finally time to take the plunge and try les moules, something that gave me a bit of anxiety since I eat only fish and calamari when it comes to seafood.

Obviously I had to dress for the occasion...
Bra: Urban Outfitters (similar here)
Shorts: Forever21 (similar here)
Bracelet: Topshop (similar tribal inspired by Forever21)

Then came the moment of truth...

He was extraordinarily proud of his dish (as he should have been)!
Mussels, onions, celery, carrots, white wine, bread and a glass of Cava on the side led to...

An absolutely delish meal!
I won't lie, I rewarded myself with some praline chocolates right after this was taken...

What a lucky girl I am, with tours of gorgeous cities and homemade meals? Belgium, I do adore you!

Have you had any new meals recently?

Have a swell Tuesday!
- S

Family trippin

So, a little background.

My father is Swedish, mother is American, but my brother and I were born and raised (albeit briefly, nine and seven years respectively) in South Africa.

This June, my brother graduated with his first Master's degree (smarty pants) from Lund, and to celebrate this (and the impending second degree for him and first Master's for me), we took a whirlwind loooooong trip around Scandinavia, starting on Nationaldagen...
Clearly I get my hair from my father and eyebrows form my mother.

Vard in front of the hall where he graduated.

Feet in the Baltic near my grandparents house.

The males of the family make a little man into a superhero in Oslo

If you're ever in Norway and are interested in seeing the fjords, I highly recommend the "Norway in a Nutshell" tours. They have so many different options on routes, and the scenery is breathtaking.

Told you so. Breathtaking.

I made a new friend.

We then scampered off to the most underrated town in Europe, Tallinn. Seriously, Estonia was amazing. And beautiful. And everyone was so nice.

And the Old Town was such fun to explore.

And Beerhouse does a great tasting flight.

Tallin-->Helsink-->Stockholm thanks to Silja Lines.

Is it possible to not love Stockholm, or just Sweden in general?

Små grodorna around the maypole at the Midsummer party in Trosa.

I fell in love. His name is Bosse.

I think the uncle and boyfriend also fell in love through the art of dance.

The dock, 1:30 am.

He makes such a pretty little Swedish girl.

And I make such a terrifying viking, a truly intimidating figure in my UO galaxy sweater 

I cannot wait to study in this beautiful country.

Story of my life, living out of a suitcase. But who's complaining?

And now I'm back in Belgium for the summer, hoping to hear soon about some interesting possibilities and have some more adventure. Who knows where I'll end up next?

Little S