Fun Fringe with Pretty Pink

SO after the week from hell, I thought I deserved a little bit of pampering. Tim's 4th year Pharmacy Ball was Saturday, and my hair needed a lot of work before then, so I went and got a moisturizing treatment and cut at Partner's Hair Salon at Canal Walk. 

As soon as my hair dresser touched my hair she asked if I wanted the treatment and I'm so glad I did. My hair is soft and silky after all the stress it's been through thanks to me (whoops).
I asked for some blended in fringe bangs like Alexa Chung and I adore them (Evan calls it my haircute)! So easy to wear whether I blow dry them out or just brush them. I just need to be a little bit more handy with my hair tools to keep up this look.

On the day of the ball, I definitely needed to use the hairdryer to show off my new fringe, and I pulled it up for the start with a tiny braid on the side (Linda called me a little Swedish Princess when I came out)! I loooooved my hair on Saturday, and of course it felt amazing. 

The theme was Coco Chanel but they decided that after I had already picked my dress and flown 7,000 miles 3 months ago so I stuck with what I brought and I'm very glad - I adore this dress. I wore it for graduation, my grandma's 100 birthday party and to a summer wedding - so versatile. 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend/week and have another wonderful one coming up. Linda and I are going to play tourist on Sunday in Cape Town and take the big red bus tour since neither of us have done it before. I can't wait!

Dress: Need in Carytown, Richmond Va
Shoes: New Look
Bracelet: H&M
Pearl Necklace: Forever 21
Rings: Handmade Native American jewelry from Maisel's, ABQ New Mexico

Best. Hair. Ever.

Sorry everyone - I've been so busy this week and last, but finally the day of our big event is here!

After today my life will be far less stressed and I can get back to posting, but until then...

Meet this guy. He has the world's most perfect afro, looks like a young Michael Jackson, taught PJ and me the sign language alphabet and even moonwalked for us.

Needless to say, he made my Saturday night!

Hope you guys are having a far less busy week than I am!
Happy Thursday, and happy almost weekend!