Bordeaux Photo Diary // December 2017


Did you ever go somewhere and fall in love at first sight? That’s how I feel about Bordeaux.

We initially only stopped in the city so that we could rest for an evening in - what we’d heard was - a beautiful city before the final leg of our road trip down to Spain. I had no idea that it would become one of my favourite cities in Western Europe in about 0.8 seconds. Because we loved it so much, we actually decided to give it two more nights of exploration on our way back to (rainy) Belgium, this time with my brother and cousin in tow.


Our first afternoon consisted of walking around with Hobson, checking out Avenue Saint-Catherine, and sampling a few glasses of Bordeaux red at Cafe Edouard. Obviously, I’m a shopper and became immediately intrigued by the idea of a mile-long shopping street. Chaotic, but right up my metaphorical alley.

On our second trip, I found a good tip for food across the river from the center, or where we were staying, at a really interesting restaurant called Magasin Général - lots of nice bio food. I wish we had made our reservation for a time when everything else in the area was open, but alas - an 8.30 dinner was what we had in store, and a glass of red wine with my steak tartare was just what the doctor ordered for our walk back across the river.


The next day was a lot of eating pastries, drinking coffee, walking through Jardin Public to the mini Statue of Liberty ('A surprise for the 3 Americans', according to PJ) and then shopping, shopping, shopping. Bordeaux is apparently one of the rainiest places in France, according to a very cool tourist map we consulted, but we luckily only had the rain for about 30 minutes in the morning. In the evening we ventured out again for food, but we unluckily chose the busiest time so we had to 'settle' for Greek, though it was delicious.

Before I get on to more photos, here are some must visit addresses for your trip to Bordeaux:

La Boulanger de l'Hotel de Ville Jocteur - the above mentioned bakery - the best I've ever been to
Magasin Général - for a luxe meal that you can feel good about
Miroir d'Eau - we were lucky that we actually got to see it on our first visit. This water mirror was unfortunately all dried up at the end of December
Le Bistro d'Edouard -  a Hobson-approved cute little resto on Place du Parlement; our waiter was very happy to have a little dog on their terrace
Fifty - the coolest luxury vintage store near our favourite bakery. The shop-owner is extremely charming and helpful. If I could have, I would have spent a lot more money instead of just buying the Italian leather boots I'm still obsessing over. Absolute must-visit for vintage lovers.
Aux Quatre Coins du Vin - Okay, I know these types of wine bars aren't extremely new, but I hadn't experienced one up until this point. You get a card worth €30 that allows you to get a glass of wine of your choosing from any of the machines within. You can choose a tasting size, half or full glass, and the price you pay reflects your choice. Whatever you spend, you pay - the card won't stop you from getting more. But be careful, there are a few very pricey glasses available1 My personal favourite was the Gabriëlskloof Syrah





I honestly can't wait to visit this city in the warmer months and for a bit longer; I wouldn't mind a visit to the City of Wine and maybe some vineyards in the surrounding area. My best friend and I are already planning a return. Croissants and a beautiful glass of red - I'm ready for you.

If you have any other addresses for me to keep in mind, please let me know!


Mood Music Monday // Underrated/Underfed

This past Friday, my best dude treated me to an incredible small concert at Zebrawoods by School Is Cool, AKA a forerunner for favourite new band of the last few months. The set was amazing, their sounds is fun and just as good live as on their record. I found myself bopping about to literally every song. It did help that PJ kept saying the songs were about us (or we were the opposite of the lyrics - esp. for I'm Not Fine), and we let our love of the show take over most of our wine and beer filled conversation at Wilson for a few hours after. 

All I can say is that my Spotify will be playing them on repeat for the next few weeks (it was all I listened to while sale-shopping yesterday). 



Style & Beauty Favourites // November 2017

November was....a TON of fun. I spent my 5-year anniversary with my main man in London (anniversary dinners at Duck & Waffle and Clos Maggiore?!), saw Queens of the Stone Age, saw some of my extended family, and of course did quiiiiiite a bit of Christmas shopping on Oxford Street...

november favourites, style and beauty, suz and the sun style, black friday haul, london shopping

Not only that, but Black Friday sales have officially made their way to Belgium, too. I obviously had to partake (if only slightly), and picked up a few tiny goodies for myself.

Embroidered cami: Topshop
Embroidered hoodie: Topshop
Amour slogan t-shirt: Topshop
Baker boy hat: ASOS
Frenchie t-shirt: Daisy Street
Suede bag: Mango
IT Cosmetics CC Cream: Selfridges
Instant Detox Mask: Caudalie (mini from the Birchbox pop-up)

I have to say, going shopping in London this time really flipped a switch in my brain - I've been really eager to step out of my comfort zone since returning. It may not seem like it (considering the t-shirts, sweatshirt, and general colour scheme), but I actually have been a bit more daring since returning.

I can't wait to get some good wearing out of my new buys - I'll admit that the sweatshirt has spent more days on my than off since the 17th...

One thing that hasn't changed? My love of being cosy at home - hence the purchase of this little dino dog hottie!

I'm in love. Hobson is jealous. My feet are warm either way - happiness is a warm puppy.

Hope you had a great November - with as much love as mine.


Style & Beauty Favourites // October 2017

october 2017 favourites, style favourites, suz and the sun style, fashion favourites october 2017

I feel like everyone says this, but October flew by. I honestly can’t believe it’s November. Not that I mind, per se - this month I get to celebrate my 5-year anniversary with my best guy in one of my favourite cities in the world: London. An added bonus? My brother, parents, aunt and uncle (the very latter of whom I haven’t seen since 2013) will also be in town, and we have some plans. I’m looking forward to dinners and a concert with Peej, shopping with my mom, coffees and walks with my dad in his old city (he lived in LDN for 11 years) and reuniting with family that I don’t get to see often. 

BUT I'm not here to get ahead of myself and truly, October 2017 was incredible. I saw two old friends from Richmond who happened to be in town, proved myself at work, got to work on an amazing photo shoot, watched Belgium beat Cyprus in a World Cup qualifying match, took a rock climbing course, began seriously working out, got into physical therapy for my neck, and (finally) spent the last two weekends shopping, having coffee dates and generally enjoying the company of my boyfriend - something we didn’t get to do much of in the beginning of the month. 

Speaking of shopping…I may have gone a bit overboard this month. But shopping is indeed a passion. PJ helped me pick out a lot of these little bit (good lord I love him) but the rest were all me. Introducing my favourites of October 2017 - I am ready to get cosy

object jacket, america today sweater, mango sweater, zara shirt, zara lace top, new look kimono, object t shirt, a new day scarf, target jurassic park t shirt, suz and the sun style, october favourites 2017

Jacket: .Object (similar)
V-Neck Sweater: America Today
Black Sweater: Mango
3/4 Length Shirt: Zara
Embroidered Lace Top: Zara
Kimono: New Look
World Tour Shirt: .Object
Scarf: A New Day (Target)
Jurassic Park Shirt: Target

Fun fact, dresses usually do not agree with this weirdo body type that I have, and it's the worse because there are SO MANY cute dresses out at the moment and I am dying to wear some dark fall florals with my leather jacket and combat boots. So, instead I'll have to work with allllllll of these tops, like that gorgeous lace top from Zara's TRF line - tried it on a whim and bought it 5 minutes later. 

Also, friends are the best, am I right? O said to order whatever I wanted from the States to bring with, because I needed a Target fix and my new scarf is giving me LIFE. I am obsessed. I've worn it every day that it's been cold (and I've even worn it in the office when the AC is a little too high for my liking). Just like I've worn these incredible slippers from New Look

On the beauty side of things, I don't have too much. I've accumulated a lot of things over the past few months from that my favourite vloggers have raved about, but October for me was killing in the self-care side. I discovered the most incredible smelling shower gel - we've already gone through a bottle and every time PJ walks by after a shower I just hug him because he smells so flipping good. Lo and behold:

Though I thoroughly enjoyed October, I'm excited for this month, and ever more excited to celebrate 5 years together with Peej (wearing that embroidered lace top, of course). I'm sure my November favs will include quite a few pieces that I plan on picking up in London (I'm on a mission with my mama for short girl jeans. Belgium is not prepared to deal with ladies under 5'7). 

Hope you enjoyed this first November weekend and that you look forward to the rest of the month as much as I do!


Fuerteventura Photo Diary // Day 6

suz and the sun travels, catamaran tour, morro jable, fuerteventura 2017, fuerteventura, canary islands, Tui magic life

On our last full day of our trip, we ended up taking a catamaran tour in the water off of Morro Jable - basically one of the only times we actually got into the water...

Really enjoyable and easily set up through our resort, we ended up having a lovely time chatting with two English couples who were on board with us - we took the deluxe tour with cava and lunch. PJ especially enjoyed the speedboating we got to do. He became a regular James Bond once he jumped in.

suz and the sun travels, catamaran tour, morro jable, fuerteventura 2017, fuerteventura, canary islands, Tui magic life

suz and the sun travels, catamaran tour, morro jable, fuerteventura 2017, fuerteventura, canary islands, Tui magic life

suz and the sun travels, catamaran tour, morro jable, fuerteventura 2017, fuerteventura, canary islands, Tui magic life

suz and the sun travels, catamaran tour, morro jable, fuerteventura 2017, fuerteventura, canary islands, Tui magic life

suz and the sun travels, catamaran tour, morro jable, fuerteventura 2017, fuerteventura, canary islands, Tui magic life

Constantly seeking sunshine. Fuerte is definitely a good place for it.

suz and the sun travels, catamaran tour, morro jable, fuerteventura 2017, fuerteventura, canary islands, Tui magic life
Saying goodbye to the island. Hopefully we'll be back soon!